Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ken Sparling

"One time I came into work at Fairview...and my desk was gone."

A friend recently notified me of a great interview with Ken Sparling up on The Chapbook Review. Ken Sparling talks about working with Gordon Lish when he was at Knopf (“You’re just spinning your wheels, Sparling”), being published by J.A. Tyler's Mud Luscious Press, and working as a librarian (As soon as you make a space truly public, you’re going to get a mess of stuff happening there.)

Papercut illustration by Julien Langendorff


sasha fletcher said...

i am that friend. i am taking credit for this. this comment is like a flag, and i am planting it here, in the credit for this.

Egg Off-Kilter said...

i raised that flag for you to take credit where credit is due. And when a ken sparling revival is underway, you can take credit for that too because i think you are the only one who owns that stinky poo butt book.

sasha fletcher said...

you can borrow it as soon as you finish with dad says.