Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scoping Our Digs

Soho Prime

Gigantic occupies good real estate at McNally Jackson, above Book Forum and The New York Review of Books, and with great views of Prince street. You can grab one and have an espresso at McNally Jackson's always comfortable and communal cafe.

At Housing works, while it was at the front of the shop, and placed next to another very artful and beautifully designed magazine, Found, which excited me very much, it was placed under a table, which did not please me at all. I thought it should be on top of the table where people walking into the store could see it, and under the table, it was difficult to locate. I asked the woman to move them and she moved them, but I did not see where she moved them to and am now worried about where she has moved them to. I like Housing Works very much, though, and think they are a good and honorable venue, so I am generally pleased that we are represented there.

I went into Bluestockings, and while it is a very interesting shop, it is one with a decidedly strong voice, a strong voice that is maybe too strong for Gigantic.

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