Saturday, May 23, 2009

But They Move: Darkbloom and Doghebited Me Get Installed at Gershwin

Darkbloom and Doghebitedme, the peripatetic characters of Dark Horse Black Forest who relate their private activity via Twitter are going to have their twitters (that I've been writing - see right) become a fixed force for a month-long run in June of Dark Horse, a dance performance, at the Gerhswin Hotel. Lauren McCarthy, formerly of the MIT Media Lab, was commissioned by the creator of Dark Horse, a canary torsi, to create overheredarkhorse, a physical integration of the twitters into the dance performance by audio installation. The piece furthers thought on the delineation of public and private space.


Ann said...

So exciting, Rozi! Can't wait to see it! Congratulations!

Lincoln said...