Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pretty Vacant

Klara Liden @ Reena Spaulings 1/22

Reena Spaulings smelled like pine trees. It was the opening of Klara Liden's show Pretty Vacant and there was a room full of trees that, it seemed, had been collected from the street after Christmas. Some were still covered in tinsel. They were very dry and people were accidentally knocking them over. A young man holding a beer said he thought that was probably the point and that he imagined all the trees falling down like dominoes. There was a leather couch in the center on which a woman was covertly breastfeeding her baby. Another woman walked in with a dog. Then Jeffrey Deitch walked in, stood in the center of the trees, and looked around. I wondered why he was in New York. He was in a pink shirt, tweed jacket, and nude round-framed glasses.

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