Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Almost Famous

Photo: Leigh Alexander

I wrote a piece for VICE on Bebe Zeva and BEBE ZEVA, the film Tao Lin and Megan Boyle directed of the almost famous Internet personality. Tao Lin called her a "genius." A genius! Read here. Decide for yourself.

The piece has some imaginative comments. Take these examples:

"..." says: I really hope virtually everyone involved with this article dies young. And I don’t mean “bad lifestyle, middle aged heart attack” young, I mean “flowers laid against a wall, photos tied to lamposts” young.

"Republik of Mancunia" says: Heres a thought why not follow someone useful and of interest like a childrens cancer doctor or street cleaner. In fact why not just turn over the whole of Vice to the street cleaners.

"workingclassfuckup" says: Cuntpuppets!

"Hoppy Harry" says:

I dunno… it’s in the language she uses.

“I try to prove myself on the internet by like getting friends like that,” she says.

Who the fuck talks like that in real life?

"JL" says: Fuck celebrity, fuck virtual success. Fuck the entire internet generation, with their entire lives mapped on Facebook from birth to death.

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