Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ariel Pink, Mongolian Contortionists and 12 Liberty Ponies


Ariel Pink

The Rock & Roll Circus happened over two days in Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park. Punks be Not Proud--a photo essay with pictures of Japanther's performance that ended prematurely--can be viewed on Day 1 had performances by the So So Glos, The Pharmacy and Japanther. Day 2 had Ariel pink, Aska + Nick Zinner, Saint Motel and Amazing Baby. While you can see a photo essay up on BlackBook as well, here are more photos of the 2nd night.

"Mongolian Contortionists" (must we still objectify peoples' nationalities...)

Aska + Nick Zinner (Played the most haunting beautiful set while people were walking into the tent)

Aska + Nick Zinner

"Kenyan Boys" (must we still objectify peoples' nationalities...)

"Acid Baby" (Kept talking about getting lubricated)

Saint Motel (All I could think about were this guys red suspenders)

Saint Motel

Saint Motel

"Russian Aerialist"

Amazing Baby

Amazing Baby

Break Time

Acid Baby and friend

VIP Loungers

Big Apple Circus performers

Aska + Nick Zinner

12 Liberty Ponies (People screamed more loudly for these ponies than for anyone else)


(He does a good parody of a musician but I kinda wished it was Geneva Jacuzzi)

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