Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear Tao, Are You Happy?

For One Day Tao Lin Answered Everyone's Questions

In September 2009, I did an interview with Tao Lin that was published on The Rumpus. It was a long interview and Tao answered the questions with great detail and thought. The interview was reposted a couple of days ago on The Rumpus and Tao offered readers a small window of time in which to ask him anything they wanted and he would respond. And he did. Here are some of the questions people asked that I liked in particular, either because they were curious or made assumptions unwittingly. All of Tao's answers are honest. See the site for the answers (except the last one where I show Tao's answer)...

“What was the closest that you’ve ever come to committing suicide? i.e – standing on the edge of a ledge, holding shotty in your mouth with toe on the trigger”

“Do you ever feel like you have noticed a ‘tipping point’ in friendships with other people where their accomplishments originally overshadow yours, and then after time your accomplishments begin to be ‘on par’ with them, and then surpass them?”

“What sexual technique has received the best response from partners?”

“How much do you like radiohead?”

“what is your favorite plant? (those that are generally not used for eating purposes)”

“Are you CARLES?????????”

Tao: carles is carles

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