Monday, July 13, 2009

Lovers of All Things Southern

Oxford American: Best of the South 2009

If Southern gentlemen, New Orleans pie, drinker's toasts and song thiefs are your interests, you should check out the Oxford American Magazine's Best of the South 2009.
In it you'll find a selection of great odes to the south including one by Ander Monson and a featured short story on the deer of Virginia by Lincoln Michel. It's on stands until September.

And if you can, I'd get your hands on last year's Best of the South, which comes with a video that includes Five Minutes to Live--one of Johnny Cash's first dramatic performances, and a short by academy award winning director Frederick Wiseman. You won't be disappointed.

On its website, Oxford American has a new original video series, SoLost, see above, which if you love getting lost and love the south you will doubly love. On this short musical journey you'll meet, among others, Mary a 14-year-old master fiddler.

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