Friday, April 3, 2009

Me, Deb and Debbie Harry

Those Were the Days

Finally, a photograph on my Facebook page (tagged by Joe) that I am satisfied with (I'm on the left). I've seen Deb (right) look better though. Was that the Halloween bash at the farm? I thought it was us at the Mudd Club circa 1982 after we did coke off the bathroom sink with Debbie Harry. The paparazzi startled us both.

I'm glad I got this before my reading last night at KGB. It made me laugh and I was less nervous. Waking up this morning I saw a post about our magazine Gigantic, which thrilled me. It was something about all the Gigantics happening in April, which is true - there are a lot of Gigantics happening in April. It's like when George Harrison wrote
that song and someone said, "hey, that's my song," and George said, in court, "something was in the air," and got off. Something gigantic is in the air.

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