Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Luminous Dead

Simen Johan's Majestic Animals

Saturday, I went with Simen, a good friend and photographer, to Chelsea. We went into the gallery and saw the photograph above (top). The frame was too thick and the whole thing was hung too low. Lately he's been creating new work with taxidermy, though this is only his latest. I had seen some of his animals in New Hampshire.
I have seen Simen pick up a dead bird in Maine, on our way to the beach where we collected seaweed. His animals are majestic, more alive than the living. Below is Simen (on the floor) taking a picture of a shaved Mr. T (coolest house cat) in the laundry room at Colony Hall at MacDowell with Arthur (standing). The pictures of Mr. T, sadly, did not come out.

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