Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ben the MacDowell Knife Throwing Champion

And me as paparazza

Here is Ben Stroud. He is a colony fellow with a story soon to be published in One Story. It is not easy to throw a knife. Ben did really badly in the practice round. And if you have ever thrown a knife, you know it is not easy. We empathized. Bobby, the drummer, played a drumroll on a Maxwell House coffee can (the website of which company has a picture of a typewriter on its home page). So, comes the first real round. Ben gets all four knives in, including the butcher knife. Everyone made sounds of surprise and excitement. Everyone rushed around Ben. People pushed Ben against the wall. They made him stand next to the target. They took pictures with whatever recording devices they had on hand. They were voracious. I was one of them. Ben was the champion. I was a paparazza for one minute.

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Lincoln said...

Who knew such danger existed in the snowy forests of New Hampshire?